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What are 3D Cone Beam CT Scans?

Digital dental x-rays are an excellent resource to provide flat pictures of your jaw and teeth, but sometimes, an all-around image is necessary. ACE Dental of Cove is excited to offer progressive cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans to create 3-dimensional images of the inside of your mouth. These cone beam CT scans provide a comprehensive view of your gums, teeth, jaw, and nerves in order to diagnose, examine, and treat oral health problems as they arise. Because this advanced technology is so precise, it can be used in general dentistry, restorative dental work, and surgical procedures. To see how this revolutionary technology can help you, call ACE Dental of Cove to schedule an appointment.

Who are the candidates for CBCT scans?

A member of our dental team might use cone beam CT imaging to diagnose a variety of oral health conditions. For example, it can be utilized to monitor developments in a child’s rapidly changing dentition, or it can be used during orthodontic treatment to ensure that the teeth are moving as they should. CT scans are also beneficial as a tool to diagnose tumors, cysts, and oral diseases, or during planning for dental restorations, sleep apnea treatments, cosmetic dental services, or dental implants.

How does a cbct scan work?

A CBCT scan can be performed during general or specialized dental treatment, and the process is very similar to getting digital dental x-rays. The 3D scanner will rotate around your head to capture detailed images of your mouth and jaw as you remain still. The entire process takes less than a minute to produce a complete view of your mouth, and it is usually comfortable. The images are transferred to computer monitors within seconds for review by our dental professionals, and they will remain with your patient files for future reference. Cone beam CT images involve a very low dose of radiation so women who may be pregnant should notify our dental care staff before images are taken.

what happens after cbct scans?

After your full set of 3D images is complete, we will review them with you and point out any areas of concern, helping you to understand your dental needs. These pictures show your oral health in extensive detail, allowing our dental professionals to recommend treatment options that could work best for your goals. We will collaborate with you so that you can make intelligent decisions about your dental health and plan for future oral care services. The advanced images from the cone beam CT could also decrease your chances of complications during dental procedures.

what does a cbct scan cost?

Cone beam CT imaging may be covered fully or partially by your dental insurance plan. A member of our insurance team will contact your insurance provider to determine your individual coverage and estimate any copay amount. If you don’t have dental insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover this remarkable technology, we offer several payment options and can even help you apply for low-interest medical financing.

prevent tooth decay with 3D Imaging

Cone beam CT (computed tomography) scans provide detailed 3-dimensional images to assist in diagnosing a variety of oral health conditions. 3D imaging is used to amplify your dental provider’s ability to diagnose and treat dental issues with precision, and to reduce your risk of complications during procedures. If you’re curious about using cone beam CT imaging in your dental care, contact ACE Dental of Cove today to schedule an appointment.

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